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Released by Jossey Bass / Wiley Publishers, Whole Novels for the Whole Class: A Student Centered Approach includes

  •    A powerful new method for teaching literature, writing, and critical thinking to adolescents
  •    Suggestions for how to use the Whole Novels approach in conjunction with other programs
  •    Video clips of the author using the techniques in her own classroom
  •    Techniques for working with students of varying abilities in reading whole novels


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"Reading this book is like having a powerful conversation with a colleague; a true professional development opportunity for educators as they explore how to facilitate authentic reading experiences for students--and a must read for any teacher who has wondered how to foster a community of readers and then step aside and watch them grow, learn and lead." 
--Sarah Henchey, middle grades teacher, NBCT, member of CTQ's Collaboratory


"The first time Ariel Sacks tried out the whole novels approach in a "typical" New York City School. she reports that it didn't work for half of the class. Rather than give up, she set about figuring out how to make it work for the other half of the class. That attitude, along with her inviolable focus, faith and trust in her students, has resulted in the engaging "how to" for the whole novels approach to instruction. More importantly, she has written a clarion call establishing the possibility of all of our children receiving what is currently available to only a few of our children." 
--Jon Snyder, Dean of Bank Street College of Education


"Yes, yes.  To read a well-crafted book requires a leap of faith, losing oneself for a time.  And yet we don't practice--much less even encourage--that kind of reading in our schools.  Sacks makes both the argument for doing so and offers the stories we need from classrooms where it's being done."
--Deborah Meier, teacher, author, board member of Coalition of Essential Schools
"Ariel Sacks has been sharing for years on her blog unique ideas for engaging students in higher-order thinking and learning. I'm excited that now we all get to benefit from reading a full-length book where she has the opportunity to fully lay out her approach to English instruction and offer practical lessons!"
--Larry Ferlazzo, teacher, co-author of ESL/ELL Teacher's Survival Guide