Here is a screenshot of p. 102 in Whole Novels for the Whole Class, which shows a barebones schedule of the typical day-to-day activities during a whole novel study.  I create a pacing calendar for the novel that includes about 15 pages per day/night.  This schedule, then, is for a novel of approximately 200 pages.  My class periods are 50 minutes long and meet every day.  In the past, when I taught 90 minute blocks, I was able to do more reading and writing every day.  Currently, though, some days include just ten minutes of reading at the start of class, while other days include a 25-30 minute chunk of reading time.  (For more detail, read the book, of course!)

This image is taken from p. 102 of Whole Novels for the Whole Class from "Parts of the Whole: A View of Whole Novel Study from Start to Finish"

Updated! Jossey Bass has published the complete excerpt, in which I briefly describe these day to day pieces of a whole novel study.  Click through to read A View of Whole Novel Study From Start To Finish

AuthorAriel Sacks