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Ariel Sacks is in her thirteenth years as a teacher of English Language Arts in New York City.  She now divides her time between teaching 8th graders, writing about teaching and education issues, and supporting teachers to implement student-centered methods, most notably the whole novels approach. #wholenovels

Throughout her career, she has worked with a wide range of diverse learners both in DOE schools and currently in a unionized public charter school.  She studied progressive pedagogy at Bank Street College of Education, where her mentor and longtime collaborator, Madeleine Ray, first introduced her to the whole novel concept.  

Whole Novels for the Whole Class: A Student Centered Approach is Ariel's first book.  She has written about teaching and other education issues for years on her blog, On the Shoulders of Giants, which is hosted by Center for Teaching Quality's Collaboratory (#CTQCollab), and has published articles in Education Week Teacher and Education Leadership.  An advocate for teacher leadership, Ariel was a member of the team that co-authored Teaching 2030: What We Must Do For Our Public Schools--Now and in the Future  and is featured in the book Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead Without Leaving.

Ariel has just launched a brand new blog on Education Week called Teaching For the Whole Story, and she is working on a second book about writing in the literature-based classroom.

Ariel is interested in sharing and spreading the whole novels method in ways that honor the interests, knowledge, and creativity of practicing teachers and build community among us.  She offers interactive workshops and other professional development support for English and humanities teachers. 

Email:  wholenovels@gmail.com

Find her on twitter: @arielsacks